Quick user guide to Methylene blue

methylene blue

METHYLENE BLUE - Concentration 10mg/ml                  Quick user guide

 Please read this guide before starting using the product

Everyone is talking about the benefits of taking MB but to maximise these benefit we should focus on the HOW:

 Something  you need to know before starting taking MB

 Why the producer (Mitolab UK ) has put a label disclaimer on the use of methylene blue? 

it is for the following reason:

 Methylene blue is not classified as a dietary supplement in Europe. It has a long history of medical use and is primarily recognized for its applications in medical and laboratory settings. In Europe, methylene blue is officially approved as a diagnostic drug, particularly used for visualising colorectal lesions during colonoscopies.

Dosage charts 

Adults : start taking using the dosage in column 1 (0.5mg/kg) and slowly progress on columns 2 and 3 when you get used.



How to take MB    
Consume the drops 2 times a day  (you cannot eat anything one hour before or one hour after taking the MB )
dilute the drops in 2-3 ounces of pure water
 ( equivalent of 59-89 ml)
To avoid staining teeth and mouth use a cannula and sip at the back of the throat
Stools and urine will be blue / green colour due to the usage of methylene for the part not internally used


Avoid the following            
Never exceed  2mg/kg - safety limit
Do not use methylene blue if you are taking SSRI medications
Do not use methylene blue if you are taking blood thinner medications
Avoid taking methylene blue at night due to its stimulant action


Please consult a qualified practitioner for an effective and safe use of methylene blue

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