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Mitos S - Homeopathic Mitocondria support - ~45 tablets

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Mitos S is a unique combination of remedies consisting of 3x, 6x, 9x & 12x which makes this a energetic mix /homochord (this homochord version makes the potency comparable to the medication version). This works on the Mitochondria, also known as the battery or power house of the cell.

When you get a disease this is the area where the deficiencies occur and Mito S can repair the cell membrane allowing the energy (ATP) to regain homeostasis. It has been suggested by experience that most patients get an energy upgrade within a few days.

The recommended dosage is 1 tablet 2x daily for long term treatment, for acute problems take 1 tablet 3x daily (which may need to be energetically tested, dependent on how sensitive you are). For optimal support and help take 1 tablet 3x daily until fully recovered, this is usually between 3-6 months as most diseases are chronic (this also may need to be taken long term for protection from transfection and shedding).

Mitos S educates the immune system to stop over reacting to pathogens ( or proteins) that are causing disregulation in an over reactive immune system. It does this by switching back on the cell danger response which becomes deficient with chronic disease and ill health. Mitos S helps transfection and shedding and the reduction of retroviral activity within the cellular system of the body.

Each 14g bottle contains approx 3 weeks worth of tablets. Please note exact amounts may vary.