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BioCoenzymated, Active B Complex - 60 Vegetarian Capsules


This product is :

  • EnviroSimplex® Processed Plant Extracts
  • Full-Spectrum Coenzyme Bs
  • Active B
  • The Most Metabolically Active Form
  • Quatrefolic
  • Suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans
  • Purity & Potency Guaranteed

This formula offers balanced ratios and clinically supported servings. The B vitamins in Active B Complex formula work together to metabolize proteins, carbohydrates and fats and provide the body with energy. They also support a healthy nervous system and mood, and are essential for healthy skin, hair, and vision. Water-soluble B vitamins are not stored in the body and must be replenished daily.

Taking B vitamins already in their coenzymated forms allows the body to use them directly. Thus, the amount that is needed by the body is less in order to achieve the same benefits. BioCoenzymated takes it one step further. Using our proprietary EnviroSimplex® technology, creates a unique  BioCoenzymated  process using organic, farm fresh plant extracts from whole food sources and the coenzyme form of B vitamins

Suggested use

1 capsule per day or as directed by a health professional.