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Castor oil liver packs - ( oil + wool flannel ) / oil+ reusable wearable pack+heater

  • For Body, Hair & Brows
  • For liver detoxing using the enclosed wool flannel / wearable kit
  • 100% Cold-Pressed
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Hexane-Free

A nutrient-rich treatment good for different applications :

- for stronger, fuller-looking hair, apply daily to hair, and to brows and lashes as part of your nightly routine for a fuller, bolder appearance.

- for liver detoxing:  Saturate wool or flannel and place over abdomen or other area like liver. Apply heat to support absorption using an heating pad or heating blanket . For more information, visit the manufacturer indications :

We have 2 packs available - a beginner pack and a professional pack for extensive use

- Can be used as a warming massage oil.

we have two options available :

- beginner pack including a 237ml castor oil with a wool flannel

- professional pack including a 437 ml castor oil bottle with a wearable reusable kit and an heat pack to put in the microwave for 60 seconds

About the wool flannel:

  • For Use in Castor Oil Packs
  • Approximately 12 in x 18 in (304 mm x 457 mm)
  • Unbleached 
  • No Synthetics
  • Reusable with Instructions Included
  • Cruelty Free
  • Eco Friendly

100% White Wool Flannel extra thick weave

About the wearable pack kit and heat pack :

  • Castor Oil Pack is made of fine fleece and is soft, helping to absorb all the oil and improve utilization, retaining your body’s natural heat with the outer TPU layer.
  • Castor Oil Pack Wrap is easy for you to put an ice pack, hot water pack or heater;  convenient to loosen and tighten to fit your body, and designed with two elastic straps and a zippered opening.
  • Reusable and great for sleeping due to its regulated fit to the body
  • Do not put the castor oil on the heat pack

 Suggested uses:

For your hair : Apply to roots of hair or brows. Massage into scalp from root to tip and let sit for 20 minutes or overnight. Wash hair as usual.

For your liver :  Castor packs can be used for general wellness benefits such as liver detoxing and muscles treatment. Apply using the wool flannel or pack kit provided 

warning : Castor oil stains; please use old sheets or specific wool flannel to avoid staining bedsheets

please follow the instruction on how to warm up the heat pack in the microwave ( 60 seconds ) - keep the heat pack separated from the castor oil (inserting paper between the heat pack and the wearable fleece) .

Ingredients : Ricinus communis (cold pressed castor) oil.