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Comfrey root extract - 50ml

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Comfrey ( Symphytum Officinalis) is a traditional herbal medicine  for treating skin, pain and inflammation-related issues, as well as heal broken bones and keep them strong.

When you apply comfrey to your skin, it can have some benefits on rashes and irritations. The high content of antioxidants, as well as vitamin C, makes comfrey pastes and salves the ideal solution for speeding up the healing of wounds. Antioxidants also help eliminate foreign substances in the body and preventing cell death, while vitamin C’s importance in producing collagen means that it is necessary to produce new skin cells for healing.

Called knitbone in Old English, Comfrey has been prized since ancient times for its ability to help heal broken bones and damaged tissues.

Dosage and preparation:
extract – 20 to 30 drops, 3 times a day on the desired area - topical use only

Precaution: It is important to note that Comfrey is only advised to be used externally.
The best comfrey benefits come from using it externally, and it could potentially be very harmful and toxic if swallowed.