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Multi frequency Zapper by Dr Hulda Clarke

Multi frequency Zapper by Dr Hulda Clarke

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ZAPPER - a device for removing pathogenic parasites, fungi, viruses, bacteria etc... in the body. The device does this with a weak electric current (using 9 V battery) with extremely simple and safe use - Made in EU

The Zapper electronic device is the result of the research work of dr. Hulda Clark on the operation of electric current on microorganisms. It operates with a frequency of 33 kHz, which according to research is the most effective universal frequency for suppressing various parasites and pathogens - also candida.

  • based on dr. Hulda Clark design
  • improved design with 26 frequencies
  • automatic cycle with all frequencies
  • automatic 7 minutes protocol
  • detachable polished brass electrodes
  • durable case for stroing/transport
  • standard 9V battery

therapy with Zapper

There are different zapping methods ; we invite you to search on this aspects depending also on your specific needs ; one on the most common use is based on the following 3 sessions use:

  • 7 minutes of use - 20 minutes of pause    - For the first 7 minutes, it destroys parasites. During this time, viruses and bacteria are released from dying parasites, which (instead of parasites) begin to attack the organism.
  • 7 minutes of use - 20 minutes of pause - The second series is dedicated to the destruction of secreted bacteria and viruses. At this stage viruses are released from dying bacteria.
  • 7 minutes of use - 20 minutes of pause - In the third series it destroys the latest released viruses.

Warning : do not use during pregnancy and It should not be used by people with built-in electronic implants, e.g. pace-maker

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