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Zeolite extra body spray + Alcalina fulvic acid 30ml - combo detox

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We have combined the Touchstone Pure Body extra with the Alcalina fulvic acid for a full detox treatment of your body

How to Use Pure Body Extra

Each bottle of Pure Body Extra contains 90 servings (three times per day). To use, simply spray Pure Body Extra directly into the mouth (4 sprays) and swallow. For continuous detoxification benefits, use morning, afternoon, and night. Pure Body Extra is taste-free and easy to use, and can be taken with or without food for a natural cellular detox.

5 Health Benefits of Zeolite

  1. Master Detoxifier Zeolite acts like a magnet, with each negatively-charged zeolite particle removing positively-charged toxins from the body, including heavy metals and environmental pollutants.
  1. Alkalizes the Body Zeolite supports a healthy pH balance by giving the body an alkalizing mineral while it traps and removes a toxin. This cation exchange process in turn supports kidney health.

  1. Supports Natural Immunity Heavy metals can suppress the immune system, making your body vulnerable to health issues. As zeolite traps and removes heavy metals, your natural immunity can function at its best.

  1. Supports a Healthy Gut A leaky gut allows microbes to leak into the bloodstream, triggering a cascade of negative effects. Research shows zeolite may increase the integrity of the intestinal wall, supporting a healthy gut.

  1. May Improve mental health:When heavy metals such as lead and mercury accumulate in the body, they can impact your mood. By helping to reduce heavy metals, zeolite can support a healthy mood.

How to Use Fulvic Minerals+

Each bottle of Fulvic Minerals+ contains 30 servings (one per day). To use, shake the bottle well and then using the provided dropper, add 2 mL to 250 ml of filtered water. Then drink in the goodness of every drop, either at once or throughout the day. Fulvic Minerals+ can be taken with food for optimal absorption. Refrigerate the bottle after opening, and use within 60 days of opening for optimal freshness.

8 Health Benefits of Fulvic acid

  1. Supports Gut Health  Compounds in fulvic acid nourish the gut and support a healthy microbiome.
  1. Strengthens Immune Function - Over 70% of the immune system lives in the gut. A healthier gut means stronger immunity.

  1. Boosts Nutrient Absorption - Trace minerals and fulvic compounds bolster the absorption rate of nutrients.

  1. Optimizes Cellular Function - Fulvic acid compounds can easily pass through cellular membranes to support optimal cell function.

  1. Improves Energy Levels  - Natural electrolyte minerals activate biological processes for increased energy.

  1. Supports Brain Health - Preliminary research suggests that fulvic acid has neuroprotective effects.
  1. Fights Free Radicals  - Fulvic acid and trace minerals act as antioxidants to combat damaging free radicals.

  1. Supports Detoxification - Fulvic acid is believed to bind to some toxins, helping to detoxify the body.

 As with any supplement, keep out of reach of children and consult your health care practitioner before using, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or under medical care.