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Bee Propolis Mother Tincture 30% - 25ml

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What should you know about propolis mother tincture

Propolis is a resin-like material from the buds of poplar and cone-bearing trees. Propolis is usually obtained from beehives and contains bee products.

Bees use propolis as an effective natural antibiotic; it is antibacterial and antiseptic and has high antioxidant properties.

Our product has an high 30% propoli's concentration dissolved in pure ethyl alcohol and can be further diluted depending on its application.   

Dosage and instructions

Oral use
Take 5 to 10 drops in lukewarm water and swash around I your mouth for 5 minutes at least once a day – in case of oral infections increase the dose up to 20 drops and repeat the treatment t least twice per day  

Propolis can also be applied directly on the skin for the treatment of wounds, cold sores and herpes or in conjunctions with raw honey and MSM ( Sulphur) for treatment of minor burns.

More information

Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations used propolis for its medicinal properties. Greeks used it to treat abscesses. Assyrians put it on wounds and tumours to fight infection and help the healing process. Egyptians used it to embalm mummies.

 The composition of propolis can vary depending on the location of the bees and what trees and flowers they have access to. For example, propolis from Europe won’t have the same chemical makeup as propolis from Brazil.

Researchers have identified more than 300 compounds in propolis. The majority of these compounds are forms of polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidants that fight disease and damage in the body.

Specifically, propolis contains the polyphenols called flavonoids. Flavonoids are produced in plants as a form of protection.