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Chicory herb extract - 50ml

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Chicory extract benefits the digestive system by working as a powerful prebiotic, helping indigestion and constipation. Other health benefits of Chicory root include improving heart and liver health, treating eczema and candida, and aiding diabetes treatment.

Often used as a substitute for coffee, Chicory is a delicious way to reap many health benefits:

Reduces Anxiety

Boosts Liver Health

Helps Fight Inflammatory Arthritis

Might Treat Kidney Disorders

Boosts Digestive Health

Improves Heart Health

Can Help Treat Eczema And Candida

Weight Loss

Dosage: 20-30 drops, 3 times a day.

Precaution: Although there are many benefits of using chicory for your health, you should not consume it in excess. If you are pregnant there is a possibility that it can stimulate menstruation and possibly lead to a miscarriage. Also, women should not consume excess chicory while breastfeeding, since there is a lack of research done on the transfer between mother and child through breast milk.