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Dandelion tincture - 50ml

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Dandelion root extract protects the liver and kidneys, lowers cholesterol and aids digestion. It also fights bacteria and reduces inflammation and allergies, while keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

This one time “cure all” herbal medicine has sadly become thought of as a weed by modern gardeners. Luckily, the humble dandelion is making a comeback, mostly due to increased research on its benefits and the astonishing findings – it can successfully deal with some serious illness without producing the damaging side-effects!.

The Dandelion is especially good in detoxification of the liver, while also restoring hydration. It contains a bitter compound, ‘taraxacerin’ which increases the level of bile secreted by the gallbladder, helping the liver to detoxify more efficiently.
Amazingly, dandelion was also shown to prevent damage to the liver caused by alcohol toxicity.

Dandelion supports the detoxification and cleansing of the digestive tract, especially from the effects of overconsumption of fatty foods, coffee and prescription medicines. It can be effectively combined with Milk Thistle – another digestive and liver supportive herb – to gently move toxins from the body.

Known as a “bitter tonic”, Dandelion stimulates digestion and acts as a mild laxative by softening the stool, thus preventing constipation. The bitter taste comes from the mineral sulphur, which is essential for protein synthesis, liver detoxification, enzyme activity, healthy skin, hair and nails.