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Transition flower essence (Walnut-Willow-Larch) - 10ml

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This combination is indicated for successfully managing changes by reducing the stress, fear of failure and pessimistic thoughts associated to changes combining the properties of these 3 flowers;

  • Walnut: helps with changes by letting go of old patterns, avoid to be influenced by opinions outside and reduce doubts about a new start 
  • Willow: helps when you need to let go bitterness, stop blaming others , halt vengeance feelings and anger and reduce feelings of being treated unfairly 
  • Larchhelps keep us motivated to do our best and new found self-confidence is build with each new achievement.


 For best results we recommend that adults take 4 drops from a treatment bottle 8 times a day for chronic states. For very acute states take 4 drops every 30-60 minutes, reverting to the normal dosage when more balance has returned.