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Ciaran Broadbery

Valerian flower essence -10ml

Valerian flower essence -10ml

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Valerian Flower Essence helps you to focus your attention in the present. One of the main benefits of living in the present moment is an improved ability to concentrate – your mind does not wander, you do not dwell on the past nor worry about the future.

It works through the energetic circuits that regulate heat in the body to cool excessive fire on the emotional, mental, and physical levels. Unresolved anger and other buried negative emotions can lead to hot flashes, sweats, headaches, anxiousness, high blood pressure, temperature swings, mental agitation, and more.

 In addition, it regulates body temperature when the weather is very hot or when you experience internal temperature fluctuations due to cellular change.

Dosage: To make a dosage bottle put 7 drops of stock essence into a clean bottle with 1 part brandy and 3 parts water.

Alternatively take a few drops under the tongue or in water.


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