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charcoal tooth powder - 60ml

This Remineralising & Whitening Tooth Powder is a revolutionary way to take care of your teeth. itis free from any nasty toxic ingredient that you can find in ordinary toothpaste. Free of Fluoride, free of SLS (aka toxic detergent) and free of glycerin that coats the teeth enamel and prevents absorption of minerals while brushing.

The unique formula of ingredients is the one thing that makes our tooth powder revolutionary & unique. Each one is specifically selected and has a reason and purpose for why it’s here:

Eggshell Powder is a natural source of hydroxyapatite (the same thing our teeth are made of) which has shown the ability to remineralize the tooth enamel. Rich in calcium and other bio-available minerals and has been used for cleaning teeth for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians (who invented the first toothpaste and the toothbrush) were one of the old civilisations that used eggshells in their tooth products.

Diatomaceous Earth is a miraculous ingredient that has a potent ability to detoxify fluoride, aluminium and heavy metals from your body. It's a natural source of silica that is found naturally in our teeth, bones, ligaments and nails. It is effective in removing harmful bacteria which build plaque on our teeth and causes teeth discolouration. Silica can also improve gum health and decrease teeth sensitivity.

Birch Xylitol (not to be confused with corn xylitol) is natural sugar extracted from birch trees. It helps to create an alkaline environment in the mouth and decreases the presence of acid-producing bacteria which decreases plaque. It's highly beneficial in repairing damaged enamel and teeth remineralization.

Peppermint Leaf Powder is full of potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorous that work together to help fortify enamel and strengthen teeth & gums.

Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder is natural teeth whitener that helps to remove surface stains from the teeth. Superior in absorbing toxins from the mouth leaving you with fresh breath and white teeth.

Baking Soda provides effective teeth cleaning while creating an alkaline environment in the mouth. Removes stains and gradually whitens the teeth over time.

Bentonite Clay is volcanic ash effective at removing toxins from the mouth and neutralising bad bacteria.

Magnesium Chloride helps to build strong teeth and bones and assists the body in calcium absorption.

Use it daily instead of your regular toothpaste. Just dip a wet toothbrush in the powder, shake the excess and start brushing. The powder will become paste in contact with saliva and for the additional benefit you can gargle for 10-15 seconds after brushing your teeth for a mouth detox.

One jar will last 2-3 months making this an affordable, safe and toxic-free option for your teeth' health.