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Ciaran Broadbery

Colloidal silver + spray - 100ml

Colloidal silver + spray - 100ml

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 99.998 pure silver particles (1-20nm) and pharma grade distilled water (Ph.Eur.). First aid antiseptic, as a water purifier... This product can be used in various applications.

  • High concentration: 30 ppm
  • Ingredients: 99.98% pure silver, distilled water (Ph.Eur.),
  • Superior pharma quality
  • Glass bottle with pipette
  • Made in EU

 The silver particles have a positive charge and are attracted to virus , fungi, bacteria and other single-celled pathogens ; they disable the pathogen's oxygen metabolism enzyme  causing their death. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics which destroys beneficial enzymes colloidal silver leaves these tissue cell enzyme intact.

Colloidal Silver is useful in the following cases:
• Moderate to severe infections, kidneys related 
• Wound dressing: fighting bacteria and viruses, sinus and abscesses
• For treating burns, and eye, ear, nose, throat, vaginal, rectal, and urinary tract infections
• Acne treatment
• Preventing plaque, tooth decay, bleeding gums

highly effective in the prevention of harmful organisms including mould, fungi and aphid infestation.

Adults : Take 1-4 tablespoons per day- do not use a metal spoon
Children 1 to 12 year :  1/2 tablespoon 
Sore throat : Gargle and swallow ; repeat hourly if necessary
Repeat as needed or indicated by a professional practitioner

it may be applied directly to skin rashes or skin conditions such as acne , Psoriasis - the spray bottle works well for this ( it does not sting )

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dark place, away from electrical appliances.


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