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MYOTAPE sleep strips adult and children - 90 strips

MYOTAPE sleep strips adult and children - 90 strips

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Mouth breathing contributes to snoring, poor sleep quality, and CPAP non-compliance. It causes serious developmental issues in children and is proven to negatively affect physical and mental wellbeing in adults.

Myotape strip :

  •  IMPROVES SLEEP QUALITY - MYOTAPE gently restores functional breathing for better sleep, better health and better quality of life.
  •  PROMOTES NOSE BREATHING - MYOTAPE safely brings the lips together to help ensure nasal breathing.
  •  HYPOALLERGENIC & 100% SAFE - MYOTAPE is made using cotton and hypoallergenic, skin-friendly glue. The strips use elastic tension, so you are free to open your mouth at any time.
  •  DOES NOT COVER THE MOUTH - Instead, it surrounds the mouth, bringing the lips together with a light, elastic tension that helps to maintain lip closure and ensure nasal breathing.
  •  EXPERT DESIGNED - Designed by international renown breathing expert Patrick McKeown, Author of the Oxygen Advantage
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