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Natural Tanning Oil - 100ml

Natural Tanning Oil - 100ml

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This Tanning Oil is the one product to soak up all the benefits the sun offers, speed up the tanning process and gradually increase your ability to stay in the sun longer.

Inspired by ancient Greeks and Romans who knew how important the sun is for life and health, it is made from a blend of cold-pressed ancient oils and powered by beta carotene power house - carrot extract, our tanning oil will help you tan faster, and help your skin adjust to sun exposure easier by increasing melanin levels in the outer layer of your skin giving you golden tan while soaking up the sun rays.

This tanning oil is completely natural, made with cold-pressed oils with ZERO toxic chemicals and petroleum.

Handmade in Ireland  in small batches  with the following natural ingredients

  • - Cold-Pressed Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • - Carrot Juice Extract
  • - Argan Oil
  • - Almond & Hazelnut Oils
  • - Vitamin E
  • - blend of skin-beneficial pure essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and Neroli

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