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Organic beef tallow - 265 gr / 5kg

 Tallow is perfect for cooking and have great nutrients - when made from organic sources and naturally processed it enrich your diet with healthy fats 

  • 100% ORGANIC & NATURAL - Tallow is rich in flavor and made using traditional methods: rendered beef fat from well cared for cows that are grass fed to organic standards to make a beautiful rich CLA- full fat. Ideal for carnivore, paleo and non-GMO diets..
  • MINERAL RICH - The Tallow is skin food at its best, rich in CLA and Omega 3's and a clean source of fuel for the body. Great for a ketogenic diet. Use it for deep or shallow frying or as abio-available body butter for the ultimate skin nourishment.
  • NO NASTIES -  product not bleached, deoderized or hydrogenated. This Tallow is an excellent source of clean, natural and non-toxic energy for the body.
  • B CORP CERTIFIED - Ossa Organic is proud to be a certified #bcorporation, using business as a force for good. We are also a “Bcorp 2018 and 2019 Honoree” winner. One of only two UK companies meeting the highest environmental standards. Our supply chain is run on over 90% renewable energy.

Available in 265gr jar or 5 Kg bucket ( for serious cooking all year round)