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Organic Irish raw honey - 254 gr

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This raw pure natural beautiful honey comes in a 254g glass jar.
With so many health benefits it makes a great staple for your cupboard.
It’s so versatile. Use it as a replacement for sugar. Helps relieve sore throats and coughs. 

Coming from the bees of the Ox Mountain in county Sligo; some 2 and a half million native buckfast bees scout the hills in search of wild flowers to turn into delicious raw honey. In the autumn season, bees will avail of wild heather flowers to create a honey that is very sweet with a thicker consistency than wildflower honey.  

This raw Irish Honey is made from wild flowers unlike mass-produced honeys that come from crops like rapeseed.

Due to the honey natural antiviral content  it is is always better to source local honey as the bees are tailoring their honey composition as defence for local viruses.