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Robusta Health

Robusta Health Detox Enema Coffee - 1000gr / 217gr

Robusta Health Detox Enema Coffee - 1000gr / 217gr

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Robusta Health detox enema coffee is used exclusively by the Gerson Health Centre in Europe, the Budwig Cancer Center in Spain, and by numerous clinics and health care practitioners across Europe.

This bulk size bag is for heavy users; people that are following a detox program calling for multiple enemas per day or week.

the small size for occasional users 

The coffee beans are inspected or arrival to avoid mycotoxins contamination 

Brewing Instructions for One Detox Coffee Enema

Place in saucepan:
  • 3 rounded tablespoons* Robusta Health coffee grounds
  • 1 litre distilled/pure water

Boil vigorously 3 minutes uncovered; then cover, lower heat and simmer an additional 15 minutes

Strain and allow to cool (do not use a paper filter to strain the coffee as it traps a lot of the good chemicals and doesn’t let them pass through into the enema solution, we recommend you strain through a fine stainless steel sieve or cheesecloth)

Add distilled/pure water to make a full litre

Use at body temperature , Discard any unused portion

*3 tablespoons is the default amount but everyone is different so each person should adjust the amount of coffee for their best results. One caffeine sensitive customer says she uses 1 teaspoon of coffee in her enema solution, some tell us they use MORE than 3 tablespoons. Consult your healthcare provider for the best guidance on using the right amount of coffee for your physiology.

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