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Fierce Nature

Whipped Body Balm Vanilla - 180 gr

Whipped Body Balm Vanilla - 180 gr

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Introducing our Fierce Nature Nourish Balm, now twice the size and hand made with pure organic vanilla bean.

We steep organic vanilla pods for 3 weeks,  before blending with organic tallow and olive oil. Our vanilla balm is 100% essential oil free. Use as a daily cream for all ages for face, lips and body. We gently whip the tallow balm to give it a light and fluffy feel that goes on skin like butter. By feeding your skin with natural tallow, you are giving your skin Vitamin A,D,E and K in its most bioavailable form.

Vanilla beans are fruit pods produced by tropical climbing orchids.

Vanilla bean contains active ingredient Vanillin which has several benefits included a powerful anti-oxidant protecting the skin from damage caused by pollution and toxins.

Vanillin is also anti-inflammatory so ideal for acne prone skin and for men as a radiant after shave balm.

Vanillin also contains Vitamin B which plays a role in maintaining healthy skin.

Ideally vanilla bean has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times, especially the Mayan people. It has been said to boost testosterone levels in men.

- Non Toxic

- For sensitive skin types of all ages 

- 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients

- Rich in Vitamin A, D, E & K 

- Essential oil free


Adeps bovis (tallow), OLEA EUROPAEA FRUIT OIL (olive oil) infused with Vanilla Planifolia Bean Extract (vanilla bean)

Apply a light layer on the face, body or lips, add more product for additional moisture where needed.

This rich body balm is also soothing for eczema, psoriasis and dry skin patches as it absorbs into the compromised layer of skin as opposed to unnatural emollients that sit on top in a thick layer not allowing the skin to breathe.



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