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Wild Bear Garlic extract - 50ml

Wild Bear Garlic extract - 50ml

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Wild Bear garlic ( Allium Ursinum) is a famous spring time cleanser, is amazing for cleaning the blood and treating cholesterol and high blood pressure. It also relieves stomach problems and protects you against colds, viruses and chronic diseases.

Wild bear garlic got its name due to the fact that is the first and most nutritious thing a bear can eat when it wakes up from its winter slumber, and it became a synonym with vitality and strength.
Usually the food that is available at a specific time of the year is filled with nutrients that we need at that moment. So, when Bear garlic comes in the spring, it offers a strong protection from colds and viruses, and cleans out our bodies from the stagnant winter build up – a perfect spring time (or any other time) cleanser :

- Lower blood pressure and regulates cholesterol

- Protects against bacteria, viruses and fungi

- Antioxidant and ensure digestive health

Dosage and preparation:
extract – 30 drops, 2 times a day.

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