Our Story

Welcome to VitalOrganico!
VitalOrganico was born from our kitchen table where we believe health and wellness begins. 
It was here in 2015 that we started the manufacturing of Liposomal health products solely for ourselves and our children. The Liposomal delivery system ensures the full absorbency of whatever vitamin or nutrient you wish or need to take! This quickly grew into extended family demands and friends of family until we found ourselves making several formulations.
In 2020 we outsourced our manufacturing to a German Lab, strictly to our old recipes which contain only Organic, Non-GMO ingredients in every product, no alcohol or soya .. these aspects are our foundation stones. Start with super clean ingredients.. no nasties! 
This allows us now to have our products made in large enough quantities for all our clients while we focus on helping you on your journey to wellness just as we’ve done with so very many valued clients. 
We know wellness in today’s world comes from efficient detoxification and valuable supplementation including food . We store high-quality organic food and other premium supplements for all your needs.  
So let us help you help yourself to live your life to the best at VitalOrganico!

- VitalOrganico Founders Jackie & Claudio