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Ceremonial cacao

Ceremonial cacao

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Ceremonial Venezuelian Cacao  is one of the best tasting cacao; It really nourishes your body and gives that feeling of completeness. 

 benefits :

  • It is one of the highest sources of antioxidants - more than blueberries and green tea! Anti oxidants are also known to be great for the skin and hair too. 
  •  It is really rich in magnesium, having a magnesium intake is an easy, natural way to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. An inportant mineral for a healthy heart. 
  •  Anti Depressant due to the extra release of serotonin ( natural antidepressant and anti stress regulator)  and dopamine (hormone and neurotransmitter that aids in mental concentration and focus) it is a mood lifter. 
  •  Essential Fats as cacao is rich in cacao butter which is an essential omega - 6 fatty acid. 

 Cacao is the only food that contains small amounts of it! Anandamide translates to "bliss" in the Indian Sanskrit language and is therefore regarded as the Bliss Molecule.

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