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Birch Polypore -30 ml tincture

Birch Polypore -30 ml tincture

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Birch Polypore - Fomitopsis betulina

 Birch polypore is one of those mushrooms with lots of benefits. Not only does it contain the polysaccharides typical for all mushrooms, but it also has other beneficial compounds that it absorbs from the birch tree that it grows on.

It has been used as a tonic for the immune system, as an antiseptic to clean wounds and promote healing, a plaster that is microporus, antifungal and antiseptic and probably was used by Bronze Age man to get rid of parasitic worms.

Following researches it has been seen that the birch polypore is :

 Antiviral. In tests extracts from the Birch Polypore blocked reproduction in HIV cells, attacked and incapacitated encephalitis infections and has proved positive in treating flu, yellow fever and West Nile flu.

 Antibiotic. The Birch Polypore contains the antibiotic piptamine which has been used to treat e-coli

 Anti inflammatory. There are several triterpene acids present and these are known anti inflammatories. Protects the gut microbiome

 Anti Tumor. Betulinic acid and other chemicals in the fungi have been shown to cause apoptosis, the destruction of cancer cells while not affecting healthy cells.

 Antiseptic. For cleaning wounds and being an aid to healing.

 Antifungal. This mushroom does not like to share its habitat with other mush rooms and contains some powerful antifungals.

 Stiptic. The fungus has stiptic properties (it staunches bleeding).

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