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Bare Skin Wellness

Bo Butter - 30ml / 60ml

Bo Butter - 30ml / 60ml

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This range of Tallow Skin Wellness Products are made from the purest 100% organic, 100% grass-fed cows, ethically raised on Irish pasture. Sourced only the highest quality tallow, that is free from hormones, antibiotics and vaccines to ensure the purest skin products. It is rendered multiple times to ensure it is free from impurities and odour.

Hand crafted in County Meath

No Fragrance.
No Parabens.
No sulfates.
No phthalates.
No BPAs.
No hormone disrupters. Ever.


  • Intense Skin Moisturizer
  • Skin Brightener
  • Cellulite Reducer
  • Itchy/Chapped Skin Aid 
  • Free Radical Skin Detox
  • Youthful Skin Promotion


 Tallow contains the same fats or lipids found in healthy, supple human skin. Tallow is believed to prevent dryness at the cellular level without suffocating the skin's barrier

  • Tallow is loaded with vitamins A, D & K and antioxidants. One of which is vitamin E, known to promote rejuvenation of the skin by fighting free radicals that can cause wrinkles.

  • Vitamin D has the ability to restore vibrancy in skin. In addition, Vitamin D "induces the expression of antimicrobial peptide genes in human skin and plays a significant role in preventing opportunistic infections."

  • Tallow and sebum (the oil in our skin) share many of the same lipids or fats in similar concentrations; this similarity that allows tallow to absorb deep within the layers of the skin. This leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth.

  • Tallow is an intense moisturizer that assists in retaining the skins natural moisture. It replenishes the building blocks of our skin that decrease with age. It’s non-greasy, won’t clog your pores, is long-lasting and 100% natural. It prevents dryness all day and only needs to be applied once.

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