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Carbon 60 Oil (C60) Fullerene - 100ml

Carbon 60 Oil (C60) Fullerene - 100ml

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Due to its highly unsaturated structure and excellent electron-receptor properties, C60 has been extensively investigated as a radical scavenger; it  is formulated to help fight free radical damage, reduce joint inflammation, and help in the fight against chronic illness while fortifying internal processes.

Recent studies exploring the biological effects of C60 have produced promising results on the compound’s anti-aging potential:

This product ( carboxylic acid Fullerene C60 ) contains 99.95% pure, solvent-free, C60 fullerenes mixed into an organic extra virgin olive oil ( 0.8mg/ml) . Supplied in an amber glass bottle to prevent light degradation.

This Carbon 60 Oil is manufactured in the UK by MitoLab, it is suitable for vegans and gluten free.

Take 1 serving ( 1-3 ml ) first thing every morning before food. May take 2 servings per day.

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