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Facial pamper box - vitamin C serum, Gua Sha tool set, cupping suction massage set

Facial pamper box - vitamin C serum, Gua Sha tool set, cupping suction massage set

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 Facial pamper box set for you or as a present for friends and family - composition :

- Vitamin C serum and Hyaluronic acid cream 
- Gua Sha tool set - jade stone and roller 
- Cupping facial suction massage set + exfoliating silicone face brush

Instructions on how to use the tools are on each box

On offer in a combo box  at a discounted price ! 


- Gua Sha jade roller and stone - Keep the face massager in the fridge and it will make your face and eyes feel cool - the jade roller works by providing a cooling sensation on skin, firming skin and reducing puffiness. Pair your jade eye roller with facial oil, serum or cream. It will help the tool more smoother on your skin. Use the stone on the face and the body as indicated 

You can wipe it off with a wet towel after use. And then put it back in the box in the fridge.

- Cupping suction massage is able to break down cellulite and smooth out fine lines. Cupping massage is known to help: improve circulation , reduce inflammation , release toxins, lower blood pressure , relax muscles , relieve joint pain , fibromyalgia , regulate hormones, release endorphins, promote healing, improve sleep.

At the same time cupping stimulates lymph drainage so all the toxins are easily removed. The exfoliating silicone face brush can be used daily for deep cleansing.

- Vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid: Anti-ageing ingredients that make smoother, silkier and more radiant skin; increase in skin hydration; significantly reduce fine lines; improve the hyperpigmentation and wrinkles

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