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Flora care kids probiotic - powder 75 gr

Flora care kids probiotic - powder 75 gr

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Flora care has been specifically designed for kids between 3 to 12 years old ; 4 billion cultures from 5 of the most commonly found strains in the intestinal tract of young children. Each batch of cultures is freshly cultivated under strict controls in Germany and freeze-dried to ensure that they stay survive for a long time.

Since many children do not like to swallow capsules, we chose a powder which is easy to dose thanks to the included measuring spoon. The cultures in this product are known for their high survival rate under the harsh conditions of the stomach and can reach the intestine even without encapsulation. The powder is ideal for stirring into a beverage or yoghurt.

  • With added inulin from organic agave
  • 100% vegan
  • Made in Germany
  • Free from additives, artificial flavourings, pesticides, non-GMO
  • Lab tested for heavy metals and microbiology
  • Produced according to ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP standards

Recommended dosage : start with 1 scoop a day and then , within 2 weeks , two measure scoops per day ( scoop included in the bottle)


    • In case of antibiotic treatment wait at least 2 hours before taking the supplement.
    • Some children may experience loose stools in the first few days of taking probiotics, however, this is temporary.
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