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Happy Bum premium enema bag

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 This product is designed to be quick, easy and effective for removing compaction and built up waste within the Colon. The Happy Bum Bag is a premium silicon bag which can hold up to 2 litres of water/solution. The bag comes with a hook , various insertion tips, a 2 meters long hose that attaches, and a white clamp which is used to control the speed of the flow entering the colon. This clamp is very important for the success of your enemas and we recommend going slowly to begin your journey. 

You may use this product as often as required based on your personal health goals. For the severely constipated, it is recommended to complete Water or Coffee Enema’s daily until the compaction is removed or you are feeling physically better and more comfortable. To maintain a healthy digestive system and lifestyle we recommend doing 1-3 enemas weekly or as necessary. 

Please have a look at our blog page for all vital information on how to use your bag - click  HERE