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Vital liposomal Coenzyme Q10 - 250ml

Vital liposomal Coenzyme Q10 - 250ml

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Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone, plays an important part in our cell metabolism and is gaining increasing relevance as a natural antioxidant. In its molecular structure, the coenzyme is related to vitamin E and vitamin K.

In the mitochondria, coenzyme Q10 is essential for cellular respiration.

Body's own production decreases with aging from 20 years onward and being a fat-soluble substance, it can only be absorbed by the human organism to a limited extent when it is unprocessed.

The liposomal format is making the COQ10 way more absorbable than other forms like powder or capsules


With the intake of just 5 ml daily, you already consume 100mg of Q10! This is equivalent to its content in 10 kg's of broccoli!


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