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Methylene Blue High Purity - Oral drops, Mist spray, skin cream

Methylene Blue (also called Methylthioninium Chloride) is a remedy more specifically, for the treatment of malaria; there is over 120 years of research behind this potent nootropic, which makes it quite safe to use.

Methylene Blue crosses the brain-blood barrier with ease and affects numerous processes in the brain:

  • it modulates ATP production, which basically means more energy for the brain through mitochondria.
  • both it acts as an electron carrier and donor which helps with mitochondrial respiration, a process crucial for the production of energy in the brain.
  • it destroys superoxide in the brain and turns it into water. ( Superoxide is a free radical created through the process of respiration) ; it means that Methylene Blue first increases energy production, which may lead to oxidative stress but also prevents the latter from occurring by acting as a potent antioxidant.

Benefits :

  1. Improve retention and long term memory - fights against degenerative mental illnesses
  2. Improves logical thinking and creativity
  3. Improves concentration
  4. Improves alertness and attention
  5. Improves mood and increase motivation ( acts as anti-depressant)
  6. Prevents skin ageing ( Mist spray )

This product uses an ultra-pure, USP-verified source of Methylene Blue, which has been stringently tested to ensure high purity and extremely low levels of contamination. Further information can be read at the producer site:

PLEASE NOTE : Methylene Blue is hormetic in its response, which means that at lower dosages, it will provide benefits associated with its use, while at higher dosages, it will produce an opposite effect. - please keep dosage as indicated below.

It will also cause your tongue, urine and stools to become blue/green; this will not cause you any harm;  Methylene Blue has been used by humans for over 100 years and in low dosages, it hasn’t shown any significant side effects.


Methylene blue is very safe when used in therapeutic doses (<2mg/kg of body weight)

- Oral drops ( concentration 10mg/ml) : as 1 drop is 0.06ml,  start taking 10 drops daily and increase slowly - calculate your max dose based on your weight ( NOTE that a 50 Kg person should NEVER take more than 165 drops as exceeding the 2mg per Kg of weight ; 45mg ( equal to 27 drops ) is considered an average safe dosage but better start lower

Mist spray ( Solution 10uM ): spray on your skin as needed - concentration of mist is low, each spray is delivering on average 0.01 mcg of methylene blue 

- Skin Cream 60ml: ( with almond oil and Borax ) containing a 0.5uM concentration of methylene blue in purified water - slow down skin ageing

Warning : Methylene cannot be taken when you are taking psychiatric drugs  such as SSRI.