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Myo inositol powder - 200 gr

Myo inositol powder - 200 gr

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Inositol Powder promotes optimal health, helps maintain healthy cholesterol, and more.

Inositol is a member of the B-vitamin family ( indicated often as B8) , and may benefit your body in numerous ways. It can be gotten from foods like beans, cantaloupe, citrus fruits, whole grain bread, nuts and seeds, but is also available in supplement form for daily use. It plays a role in communication between cells and is a component of cell membranes. The body produces its myo-inositol from glucose. Large quantities of inositol are present in the spinal cord nerves, the brain and cerebral spinal fluid.

Inositol Powder from Cardiovascular Research Ltd. is a powdered dietary supplement that provides Myo-inositol in a completely natural crystalline form to help keep you healthy.

Dosage: Adults: Take 1/2 teaspoon daily, mixed with water or juice, or may be sprinkled on food. ( Per SErving:Myo-Inositol 1.5 grams )

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