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Pine bark extract - 50ml

Pine bark extract - 50ml

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Pine bark extract benefits have been studied for over 40 years. Scientifically proven benefits include cell damage protection, inhibition of bacteria, improved skin and vascular health, anti-inflammatory arthritis relief, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) help in focus, prevents blood cloths and imprroves circulation.

Pine bark extract is one of the most potent antioxidants that has ever been discovered. This is because it is rich in proanthocyanidins, the substances heavily studied for their antioxidant benefits. These antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent cell damage and premature aging. They also support our immune system due to this reason. The unstable molecules, free radicals, can damage our DNA and cells, thereby compromising our immunity. Pine bark extract can help prevent this.

Dosage: Start with 20 drops in a bit of water or juice, in time building up to 30 drops per serving. Take pine bark extract 2 times a day before meals.


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