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Pure organic tallow Pearl Shimmer stick - 15gr

Pure organic tallow Pearl Shimmer stick - 15gr

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A natural and non toxic tallow contour balm  perfect for defining your features and adding a pop of colour on the go.

A light-weight and buildable lip and cheek highlight our 'Selfie Stick' moisturises and rejuvenates skin for a healthy-looking glow. 

In luminescent pearl it is perfect for highlighting cheekbones, collar bones and contours while nourishing your skin with a moisturising and bioavailable creamy balm.

- Non Toxic
- 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients
- Pearl finish for a natural shimmer/highlight
- Rich in Vitamin A, D, E & K 

Ingredients; Tallow, Jojoba Oil, Mica, Sweet Orange Oil 

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