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Redmond real sea salt 26 oz ( 737 gr )

Redmond real sea salt 26 oz ( 737 gr )

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REDMOND Real Sea Salt - Natural Unrefined Gluten Free Fine, 26 Ounce Pouch

In prehistoric times, there was an inland sea covering what is now Redmond, Utah, known as Sundance Sea. That sea is gone, but its remnants are a large, pristine, underground salt deposit—which is why even though this salt lives deep in the earth, it’s actually sea salt.

Because it’s been protected for millions of years under layers of volcanic ash and bentonite clay, it hasn’t been exposed to the man-made pollutants and contaminants plaguing the modern ocean. This means Real Salt is pollutant-free, precisely how nature intended it to be.

Real Salt is also unrefined— nothing added, nothing taken away. Unlike processed table salt, it still contains 60+ trace minerals that occur naturally in the Real Salt deposit. These minerals not only make Real Salt taste better, they make it healthier. If you’d like to see a full list of the minerals you’ll find in Real Salt

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