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Vitamin E 400iu - 120 capsules

Vitamin E 400iu - 120 capsules

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Vitamin E (100% D-Alpha Tocopherol ) is used by many in fighting auto-immune diseases and some infections.

A recent meta-analysis in the Clinical Nutrition journal has also found that taking Vitamin E significantly decreased primary dysmenorrhea, otherwise known as period pain or menstrual cramps.

Many studies have also found that Vitamin E can help improve hot flashes caused by estrogen deficiency. Vitamin E also has a beneficial effect on bone formation in postmenopausal women.

Health Leads vitamin E is non-refined and non-deodorised. Why is this so important? Refined oils are made by intensive mechanical and chemical processes to extract oil from the seeds. This process removes the natural nutrients.

Vitamin E cannot be high dosed ; The range  for supplementation is between 150mg/225iu (for healthy people ) and 400mg/595iu (for those with symptoms or lifestyles suggestive of increased need). These recommendations are broadly consistent with the results of a study which concluded the level of vitamin E most positively associated with reduced mortality was 221mg/330iu.


Do not exceed 1 capsule a day and monitor ; seek the help of a practitioner as needed 

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