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Water ozonator

Ozone is a gas produced from oxygen and it is a powerful disinfectant.  Compared to chemicals it does not leave residues after its use and it is used to purify air , water and surfaces from bacteria , viruses.
when used for washing food it ensures that bacteria , viruses and other pathogens get eliminated before ingestion.
It is dangerous in high dosage and should never be inhaled into the lungs nor coming in contact  with the eyes - in low / specific dosage can be used for health applications following precise instructions on its use or with the help of a qualified health practitioner.
An ozonator is a device able to produce ozone from oxygen following a similar process we see in nature.
This specific device features are: 
  • Multipurpose Ozone Generator Purifier for Home --- Active bubbles produced by the generator, which can be used to deeply clean vegetable, fruit, meat, cloth and so on, prolong food storage time.
  • Timer Function for Different Applications --- 6 levels adjustable from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30mins. You can set the purifying time of the ozone purifier as you need. There are detailed instructions in the manual.
  • 2 Silicon Tubes and Air Stones --- Food and clothes are suitable for washing separately, different shape of stone can be distinguished and used in different scenes.
  • Large Output --- 600mg/h, only consumes 9.5W, which is conducive to saving energy and reducing costs. Ozone generator purifier is Perfect to purify dirty things and foul smell remain on the food surface, such as fruits, vegetables, fish and meat.
  • Lightweight Design ---- 268*188*69.5mm, 0.9kg, wall-mountable. The compact size easy to install and store. It can be used in kitchens, laundry, bathrooms, wardrobes, refrigerators, aquariums and gardens.