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Water purification treatment kit - Chlorine Dioxide Drops 2 Part Liquid Classic 1:1 Set Citric Acid 50% : Sodium Solution - 60ml

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1:1 Set, 1 x 60ml Citric Acid 50%, 1x 60ml Sodium Solution NaClO2 Water purification set

the set consists of two components which are accorded to the guidelines of the drinking water regulations and compliant with the standards of the food industry

- Component A:   28% Sodium solution

- Component B:   Activator, Citric Acid 50%.

This kit is not intended for human consumption. 1 drop of each solution. Activated after 30 seconds, color change from colorless to ochre

Treats questionable water with 2 drops of bottle (A), bottle (B) in a shot glass. Swirl around for 30 seconds.

Use drinking water with care. Always read the label and production information before use. Not marketed for internal use.  Its end use is under the sole responsibility of consumer.

In 2010 the FDA issued a warning against using this product in a manner inconsistent with labeling and instruction