Collection: Herbal and mushrooms tinctures and flower essences

Herbal remedies

Herbs have always been the basic source of medication in all the cultures across the world. We find mention of herbs and their uses in history, literature, the Bible as well as several other religious texts.

Usually, herbs have no harmful side effects, but we can’t generalize the statement. Some people may experience slight problems consequent upon their use.

Therefore, when using a new herb, you should try it as a single product, and wait and watch for its effects. If no problem is experienced, you can increase the dosage cautiously.

Please read carefully the indications given on each herbal tincture as many herbs cannot be taken in conjunction with drugs or with certain conditions. 

 Mushrooms tinctures

some of our mushroom tinctures are very powerpful and you need to assess dosage and needs accordingly

Flower essences

Flower essences are special natural remedies with absolutely unique and magic healing power. They are collected from medicinal herbs and plants using special techniques created by Dr. Edward Bach known as the Father of Flower Essences. He created 38 special essences which have become a revelation for those who seek help and assistance from mother nature, who want to be healthier, both physically and mentally